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VERB TO BE EXERCISES. Am, is, are: present simple forms and exercises for kids and school. To be simple present exercises affirmative and negative forms. Verb to be interrogative form. Free verbs exercises. Learning English .
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present - TO BE - exercises
      Negative    and
mixed forms

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  • Video flashcards: It is / they are

English - Spanish exercises

  1. To be - presente English-Spanish
  2. El verbo to be - inglés-español la 1ª actividad no tiene solución correcta
  3. Formas del verbo to be - ejercicios
  4. El verbo to be en inglés - aprender
  5. Video : To be en inglés
  6. Verbo To Be - lección
  7. Verbo To Be en Presente
  8. Verbo to be 1
  9. Verbo to be 2
  10. Verbo to be 3